“I think that was fabulous training and I especially liked the demonstrations. I only wish more people from the building had been there because I think it is valuable no matter what your role within the company.”

- Amy C.

“WOW – that is all I can say. What a fabulous, engaging presenter who delivered the serious nature of the subject matter in an enlightening (but respectful) manner. I would recommend him to other businesses in a heartbeat.”

- Katie K.

“The training was very informative. It opened my eyes to some very basic and useful techniques to use in case of an emergency involving a shooter. Having the videos and the exercises was also a helpful way to visualize. I would recommend that this information be taught to all employees.”

- Linda F.

“This was one of my favorite trainings. The class left me with a feeling of empowerment. Basim was very engaging and I didn’t see anyone on their phone for the entire presentation.”

Mike C.

“Fabulous presenter, real-world experience in plain terms we can use and understand. Entire office population should take it!”

- Shannon P.