Workplace Violence Prevention (W.P.V) Services

Our "Responding to the Active Shooter" training course is our most requested service and is intended for the unarmed civilian audience. We have done hundreds of presentations to thousands of participants in just about every vertical market imaginable including commercial, technical, educational, industrial and healthcare industries. The presentation is very interactive and entertaining and culminates with a mock response using safe Nerf guns. Safety is paramount for all of our training programs and we do not believe in some of the "surprise bad guy" training that some companies do for this topic. These are often ineffective, unnecessary and rampant with liability and injury issues. Our guidelines are based upon known government (D.H.S.) guidelines to further decrease liability.

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Services We Offer

  • P.O.S.T. approved Police Active Shooter Response Training
  • P.O.S.T. approved Advanced Firearms Training (L.E. only - Rifle/Hangun/Shotgun)
  • TCCC/TECC (Tactical Medicine) - Military/L.E./Civilian Response Teams
  • Civilian Workplace Violence Prevention Training - Active Shooter Response
  • Civilian Bleeding Control Training and Certification (DHS "Stop the Bleed" Campaign)
  • Corporate ERT (Emergency Response/Building Evac Teams) Training
  • Corporate Security Policies and Procedures Creation and/or Review
  • Public and Private Sector Risk and Threat Assessment

Coming soon!

  • EMT-Basic (EMT-B) Academy (3 week accelerated course)
  • Paramedic and Nursing Continuing Education (CE's) - ACLS, PALS, BTLS
  • Paramedic (EMT-P) Refresher Courses CE's
  • EMT (EMT-B) Refresher Courses CE's