According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security:

“Most incidents of an active shooter situation happen within 10 to 15 minutes and are over before Law Enforcement arrives on scene.
The key to surviving these types of situations is mental and physical preparation.”

This roundtable training session is designed to educate the unarmed civilian on how to respond to this worst case scenario.

  • Attendees will be presented with successful and unsuccessful case studies, training videos and a presentation from an expert on workplace violence.
  • Attendees will leave with practical skills and knowledge that prepare their organization in dealing with an Active Shooter scenario.
  • Attendees will participate in a “hands-on” drill of an Active Shooter scenario at the end of the training session that will incorporate all of the tactics learned during the presentation.

Workplace Violence/Active Shooter Response Presentation OUTLINE

  • F.B.I. Active Shooter Statistics
  • History of Active Shooters (Famous and Infamous)
  • Workplace Violence offender profiles
  • Case Studies – Compare/Contrast:
    • Virginia Tech
    • Fort Hood
    • Thurston High School
  • Responding to the Active Shooter:
    • The Mindset
    • Concealed weapons awareness-video
    • G.L.K. – Get Out, Lock Out, Knock Out (Based upon DHS’s Run/Hide/Fight)
    • Weapons Disarming Techniques/Demo
    • Drill – Audience volunteers respond to A.S. with a Nerf gun and utilize all the techniques learned in the “K” portion of G.L.K.
  • The Law Enforcement Response:
    • Lessons learned from Columbine
    • Encountering the Contact/Rescue teams-what to do and NOT to do
  • Final Thoughts/Lessons Learned/Q & A