Welcome to Archangel Risk Consulting

Our consulting team is comprised of career military, public and private sector professionals who have extensive domestic and international experience providing risk mitigation services to nearly every imaginable vertical market client. We have the training and curriculum development backgrounds to address your business continuity priorities as well as the ability to assist you in establishing or confirming those priorities. Whether it be Active Shooter Response training for your unarmed civilian employees, a comprehensive Risk Assessment for your building site, a Security Advance for your Executive Protection team or advanced firearms training for your police department, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with your needs.

Why use our services?

tactical medical training

Workplace Violence Prevention Services

Don't wait for a tragic event to occur on the daily news cycle before your human resources and upper management ask, "Hey, what do we have in place to address workplace violence or an active shooter incident?"

physical security risk assessment

Private Sector Corporate Services

We specialize in global risk assessments that utilize the Sandia National Labs Risk Assessment Methodology which factors in Threats, Vulnerabilities and Consequence into the overall Risk equation.

police active shooter response


We are uniquely qualified to instruct some of the more challenging topics facing our nation's First Responders and address the current legal legislation requiring police, fire and EMS personnel to train together.